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What is the Taliban?

The term Taliban means a student from Pashtun and refers to the educated members of this organization that was once considered enemies of Islam. In 1994, Omar and a few members from his group made a video to show the people of Afghanistan how they will carry out their attack on the US and Western World. At first, the people in Afghanistan considered the video a fraud because they did not have any capabilities of carrying out an attack like that.

After the video was released, they changed their minds and welcomed the students. Later, the Taliban kidnapped two Americans from an airbase in Khosta in an unsuccessful attempt to get a ransom for the two Americans. The two Americans were released after being held captive for over two weeks. This set off a chain reaction where the Government of Afghanistan offered $5 million dollars to the families of the missing Americans to help them with the payment of their captors.

What is the Taliban? On July 10th, 2021, there was an attempted suicide attack in Pakistan which was believed to be carried out by the Pakistani Taliban. However, there was no confirmation of this in the media until President Obama publicly named them and demanded the immediate capture of all those involved. The Department of State put out a statement saying; “” This is not a time for war. We are working with the Pakistanis to take down terrorist organizations operating in their country.”

What is Taliban about? The Taliban is an international terrorist organization which was formed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their objective is to intimidate the western world and to impose Shariah law throughout the Muslim world. Their military and political leaders are trained and managed by Mullah Abdul Ghani Badar, who is a born again Sufi who has made inflammatory speeches against western and US soldiers. Mullahs in Afghanistan and Pakistan have also called for the cutting off of the hands of anyone fighting in Afghanistan.

Why has the United States Army Chief Of Staff, Robert S. Okinawa, been so publicly critical of Pakistan’s operation in Afganistan? He has stated publicly that Pakistan is not doing enough to take care of the opium trade and has promised the United States that if the drug trade continues that will happen within Pakistani territory as well. Last year the government of Pakistan arrested approximately ten thousand people for drug-related crimes. Over three hundred thousand people have been reported to have joined the Taliban. Many of those who joined were from the rural areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What is the Taliban about? Taliban is an international terrorist organization, which is funded and created by Mullah Muhammad Atta Muhammad who is from Afghanistan. The Pakistan government and the United States military believe that Mullah Atta is in charge of all the activities which he claims are happening in Afghanistan. Recently the United States had a group of fifty-two Taliban dead who claimed to be in charge of the activities in Afghanistan.

Why has the United States Army Chief Of Staff Robert S. Okinawa openly criticized the conduct of the Afghan government and the operation in Afganistan? He stated that the United States was preparing to train the new recruits of the Afghan army. What is Taliban about? I honestly don’t know what it is about but one thing for sure is that the Taleban is no longer in charge of the situation in Afghanistan. The United States and its allies are the ones who are in charge and they have the final say on whether the Taleban will be included in the peace process or not.

Is the United States losing the battle in Afghanistan?

Certainly not because the United States and its allies have an air force, the United States has the most modern tanks and military equipment and they can surely defeat any enemy. On the other hand the Taleban has been quite successful fighting against the Pakistani army and the air forces of both countries. But why does the United States feel that they need to take sides between the Taleban and Pakistan? One can only speculate but one thing is for sure that the United States is on the verge of losing the battle in Afghanistan and this is the reason why General David Deptula, the head of US Central Command, is openly talking about cooperating with China to help defeat the Taliban.