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Who Are the Jurors in the R. Kelly Case?

A 12-member anonymous jury decided the fate of R. Kelly, who faces a sprawling racketeering case and eight violations of the Mann Act, a law banning interstate sex trafficking.

The group, which consisted of seven men and five women, was semi-sequestered, meaning they were able to go home at the end of each day.

Several members shared details about themselves during the in-person selection process. There is a mother of two school-aged children; a fraud investigator who said she was active in her church; a woman with several incarcerated family members; and a man who works at a hotel.

One of the jurors, a longtime flight attendant, said he believed “trial by the media is worse than a trial by jury.” The man told the judge that he has a friend in the family of Bill Cosby, whose 2018 conviction for sexual assault was recently overturned, but that he did not question the jury’s verdict. He said he had heard only minor bits of information about R. Kelly in the news.

The selection process began last month and took place over three days. Judge Ann M. Donnelly, who presided over the case, questioned prospective members to gauge their awareness of Mr. Kelly and the accusations against him, their views and personal experience on matters of sexual misconduct and their opinion of the #MeToo movement.